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Automatic bar screens

You are a designer, purchasing advisor, industrial, local community, water distributor…, you need an automatic bar screen…,

...your bar screen solution is certainly in our range.

Bar screen: installation of water lift pump station

Installation at: water lift pump station
NS type bar screen

Bar screens - Installation of a waste oil decanting station

Installation at: waste oil decanting station
XG type bar screen

For many years, our automatic bar screens have proved themselves and continue to appeal by their reliability and simplicity.
This simplicity of design leads to broad adaptability that enables them to be installed in station or channel configuration so that they can be integrated into existing systems without heavy structural work.
Our gravity operating principle (grapple rack with comb hanging on a polyester strap, motor and two sensors for "up" and "down" positioning) is used for all our bar screens, whatever their width or depth.

Bar screens: Channel installation
Bar screens installation Post
Channel installation Station installation


"Complete, optimised and reliable bar screen"

bar screen type NG with full fairing

Installation at: hospital
NG type bar screen with full fairing

SG type bar screen with motorised brush to clean the comb

Installation at: abattoir
SG type bar screen with motorised brush to clean the comb

Bar screens with oil decanting post

Installation at: oil decanting station
NG type bar screen with anti-explosion equipment (ADF)

Installation of bar screens at the pumping station

Installation at: pumping station
NI type bar screen with maintenance footbridge

Over our years of experience, our range of automatic bar screens, while remaining faithful to the same philosophy of "efficiency through simplicity", has become more complete, optimised and reliable to satisfy the needs of different fields of activity.
According to the context, we offer you the type of bar screen that is right for your needs by adding some of the following options:
  • Up-stream, down-stream side discharge,
  • Installation in channel or post (concrete or polyester),
  • Full fairing if the screen is set up in public place,
  • Acoustic insulation if there are houses nearby,
  • 2-speed motor to optimise cycle time,
  • Heater to prevent freezing,
  • Cleaning ramp,
  • Hand basket on side of by-pass,
  • Motorised brush to clean the comb,
  • Solar panels for self powered operation,
  • ADF equipment,
  • Etc.
Our automatic bar screens are, without exception, custom built according to your needs. Whatever the width, the bar spacing, the flow rate, the effluent depth, the height or side of waste discharge, the type of waste receptacle (compactor, conveyor, dumpster, trash container), the material, etc... The elements are specific to each order.
All electrical equipment (sensors, motor, manual control panel, etc) is on the top frame of the bar screen (out of water).
Parts subject to wear are few and with very easy access. This has the advantage of reducing running costs and never having to stop the bar screen for long, whatever the type of maintenance


"Modular bar screens"

Bar screens with Grapple rack
Grapple rack, with its comb, in open position

Bar screens wear wedge of the grapple rack
"Upper" wear wedge of the grapple rack

Bar screen with solar panel

Installation at: Lagoon
SG type bar screen with solar panel

Bar screen and compactor with heat insulated tubing assembly


Installation at: prison
SG type bar screen and compactor with heat insulated tubing assembly


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Monday, 23 December 2013

Nous venons de procéder aux remplacements de deux dégrilleurs concurrents et d'un panier manuel, respectivement sur les sites de Hamoir, Lantin et La Mule, en Belgique. Ces affaires nous été commandées par la SPIE.

2 dégrilleurs avec alimentation solaire
Friday, 20 December 2013

Nous venons d'installer deux dégrilleurs automatiques avec une alimentation solaire sur les communes de Savasse (26) et du Monestier du Percy (38).


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